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Re: Y. Melman Engineering Services Ltd.

Company Profile 


To further to your interest in our services, we herewith submit a profile of our company.




Y. Melman Engineering Services Ltd. was founded in 1979 as a private company providing civil engineering services.

Our company is distinguished by its multi-faceted involvement in many spheres of engineering.   On the one hand, the company oversees large and small infrastructure and construction projects. On the other hand, the company serves as an arbitrator and expert for the Israeli court system, settling issues between contractors and tenants.  In addition, our company conducts feasibility studies and inventory surveys for government institutions, authorities and private agencies.  The company has considerable experience in promoting businesses, preparing budgets and cash flows for works it is managing. 



The professional staff


The company’s staff comprised of: engineers, architects, practical engineers and economists with a broad range of experience in the areas of management, routine supervision, land surveys, registration, coordination, operations and budgets.



The company’s management


Yossi Melman, Engineer, Bachelor of Science -

A graduate of Columbia University in New York (1978) with years of specialized experience in management, coordination, [and] implementation and supervision of especially large projects, in the area of infrastructures and construction. Senior manager of several desalination plants for brackish water. Reclamation of sewage waters for irrigation.



Smadar Melman, Architect, Bachelor of Architecture -

A graduate of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles (1982). Plans, supervises and coordinates jobs, conducts surveys, market research and feasibility studies. Specializes in different kinds of planners’ fee scales and contractors’ contracts. Expert planning opinions for tenant files of the Israel Lands Administration and government companies. Professional in achieving building permits throughout Israel.



Senior Company Executives


R. Reizelman-            A senior engineer and a supervisor with a wealth of experience in infrastructure and construction jobs. Manages large diameter pipes for  sewage and water works.

S. Barnea -                 A senior practical electrical engineer and a supervisor with a great deal of experience in hydro-electrical and water pipes works.  He coordinates plans, prepares tenders and supervises for the aforementioned works.

B. Gedalevich -          A mechanical engineer, coordinator and a supervisor of mechanical engineering construction jobs.

A. Zerahia-                 An economist specializing in construction financing, drafting project budgets, and the use of a variety of civil engineering software programs.





The company’s principal clients are companies, government ministries, municipalities and authorities.  Among its largest clients are the Israel Lands Administration, the Israeli National Water Co., and the Israeli courts.  We maintain extensive working relationships with various governmental agencies: Hevrat Hashmal (Israel National Electric Co.), the Antiquities Authority, Bezeq (Israel Telephone Company), the Israel Lands Administration, and Israel Railroads.



The Company’s Activities

Focused primarily in the following areas:


Housing -                   Building municipal infrastructures, “Build-Your-Own-Home” neighborhoods, and rehabilitating existing municipal infrastructure systems.  Building single-family homes and saturated construction.


Industrial zones-        Building infrastructures for industrial zones throughout the country; constructing industrial premises using rigid and light building.


Desal / Reclamation –Managing, coordinating and foreseeing desalination plants for brackish water. Reclamation of sewage waters for irrigation.


Registration and Parcelation

                                    Preparation of theoretical parcelation, obtaining approval from the Surveying Division, and registering it in the property registry office.  Registering jurisdictions and planning areas for local councils.  Expropriations as provided for by law. Preparation of balance tables for municipal building plans. 



Selected projects




1.  Shoham -               Management, coordination and supervision of establishing infrastructures for the city of Shoham, which comprises 4,300 housing units.  Construction of public buildings including schools, kindergartens, sports fields, synagogues and a ritual bath.  Scope of the project: approximately $100 million.


2.  Herzliya -              Management, coordination and supervision of infrastructures for Israel’s most prestigious industrial zone.  Scope of the project: approximately $30 million.


3.  Yavneh/

     Gan Raveh -         Management, coordination and supervision of infrastructures for the new industrial zones in Yavneh and Gan Raveh.  Scope of the project: approximately $20 million.


4.  Be’er Ya’akov/

     Lod-Ramle            Management, coordination and supervision of “Build-Your-Own-Home” schemes in these cities.


5.  Mekorot-              Management, coordination and supervising of desal plants for Brackish Water in Granot, Safaria and Hodaya ( 5M cu.m/yr). Reclamation of sewage water for irrigation in Emek Hefer (20M cu.m/yr).          




1. Hotel -                    Management of the construction of the Blue Weiss Hotel, 18 stories on a cliff fronting the beach in Netanya, for a private entrepreneur.  Scope of the project: approximately $30 million.


2. Fitness center -      Management, coordination and supervision of the construction of the Spivak Fitness Center and club offices for the handicapped in Ramat Gan.


3. Library building -   Construction of a prestressed concrete library building for Shenkar College.


4. Housing -               The construction of 104 housing units in Ramle’s Yoseftal neighborhood for the Loram Co. 


5. Music center -       Management, coordination and supervision of the music department and public library in Barbour House, for the company Mosdot Hinukh.


6. Industrial premises -    Construction of multi-purpose industrial premises: 20,000 square meters for lease in Kfar Saba.  Scope of the project: $12 million.



Studies/Surveys and Expert opinions


1.       Study of land use in Rosh Ha’ayin for the Israel Lands Administration.


2.       Survey of service stations throughout the country for the Israel Lands Administration. 


3.       Survey of sealed homes in the Hatikvah neighborhood for the Halamish Co.


4.       Expert opinions for the District and Magistrates’ Courts.


5.       Arbitration between contractors, subcontractors, entrepreneurs and tenants.


6.       Expert architectural opinions for tenants’ files in the Israel Lands Administration and Amidar.





Y. Melman Engineering Services Ltd. specializes in a broad spectrum of civil engineering areas.  Our company offers comprehensive services, from planning through management, construction and handing over the keys.  We would welcome the opportunity to put our experience at your disposal.





Yossi Melman, Engineer, Director

Y. Melman, Engineering Services, Ltd.